Halloween Prep Kit

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$ 128.95

Losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is something that’s been on your mind for a while. But you know the holidays are coming up, and it’s a struggle to lose weight during that time for everyone. In fact, the average American gains 15 lbs. over the holiday season. The best way to prevent falling into that statistic is to start making healthier choices early on! The Halloween Prep Kit is a bundle of 3 of our top-selling supplements, Fat & Carb Blocker, Phentratrim Plus, & Garcinia Plus. The powerful trio helps suppress appetite, eliminate cravings and block the absorption of fats and carbs from your meals! Halloween candy? No problem! You’re going to love going into the holidays looking and feeling the best you have in years! Buying each of these products individually would retail $138.95 but with this bundle, save $10 OFF your purchase plus receive free shipping!



Fat & Carb Blocker (90 Count)

Fat and Carb Blocker contains a unique combination of ingredients known for their ability to block the absorption of fat, prevent the uptake of sugars, speed metabolism, stabilize blood sugar, tone and reshape the body and control appetite. Click here for ingredients, reviews and more.

Garcinia Plus (90 Count)

Garcinia Plus is a completely natural weight loss formula derived from the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia which helps you efficiently burn fat faster. Click here for ingredients, reviews and more.

Phentratrim Plus (90 Count)

PhentraTrim Plus™ is an appetite suppressant that may help to naturally boost your metabolism. This all-natural weight loss support helps you to feel more satisfied, have fewer cravings, and support metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass. PhentraTrim Plus™ is stimulant-free and is not designed to increase your blood pressure or heart rate. Click here for ingredients, reviews and more.


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